Psychology Services

Who is welcome at Medical Psychology Services?


Consultations are offered to individuals, couples & families dealing with medical or health issues including:
  • Diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2, GDM, Pre-diabetes
  • Cancers – all types of cancer including breast, melanoma, lung, lymphomas
  • Respiratory | Lung conditions including Cystic Fibrosis, COPD
  • Kidney disease, including
  • Solid Organ Transplantation & other forms of Transplants including Bone Marrow / Stem Cell
  • Palliative Care
  • Cardiac Disease and other heart conditions
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Weight issues, body image
  • Disordered eating behaviours



What kinds of problems does Linda help with?


Linda supports people experiencing a range of psychological concerns associated with medical illness including:


  • Adjusting to the diagnosis and associated changes
  • Managing feelings of grief and loss, lack of control
  • Managing feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, guilt and helplessness
  • Negotiating challenges within family relationships
  • Managing treatment-related issues such as fear of needles, fear of hypoglycaemia or anticipatory nausea
  • Strategies to deal with making choices about treatment
  • Managing treatment side-effects including pain, fatigue and changes in your body
  • Managing longer-term concerns such as fear of complications, disease recurrence & difficulties with body image & intimacy
  • Adjusting to palliative care and support through end-of-life conversations



Linda provides support to families and loved ones, with respect to:


  • Adjustment to the diagnosis and treatment regime
  • Managing family difficulties experienced during this time
  • Negotiating changes in family roles
  • Adjustment to the role of being a carer



Linda is also well equipped to assist people with:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Adjustment issues
Linda sees Children, Adolescents and Adults, Individuals, Couples, Families, Parents and Siblings.

Consultations for Medical, Health & Veterinary professionals 

Linda has significant experience working with both human health professionals and veterinary medicine professionals to manage stress, burnout, anxiety and depression before they become overwhelming.
No matter how experienced in an area of medicine with people (or animals), health professionals still experience anxiety and stress. Research shows that the qualities that make great health professionals – high standards, bright, emotionally intelligent and with a strong desire to help their patients and clients – can also be the characteristics that contribute to high levels of stress. A tendency to want to fix things that are beyond the boundaries of our responsibilities is also common among health professionals of all sorts. These limits or boundaries are often blurred and hard to see, so having someone familiar with the medical environment providing an objective opinion can help bring a much-needed perspective.
Linda draws on 30 years of teaching and working alongside doctors, nurses and veterinarians to provide skilled, compassionate and confidential counseling and psychological expertise to improve coping and psychological well-being. 
Read more about Linda's work with health professionals HERE


How to make an appointment


Please feel welcome to contact Dr Linda Beeney at Medical Psychology Services to inquire about making an appointment by filling in your details on the contact page, email or by phone on 0412 987 544.


Appointment Options


Linda provides Face to Face and Skype/Phone Consultations to suit your needs.
Face-to-face consultations are offered at convenient locations in Sydney & on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland:
Queensland Sunshine Coast:
NOOSAVILLE – Weyba Medical Centre, 18 Mary St, NOOSAVILLE QLD 4566
RPAH MEDICAL CENTRE – Suite 301, Level 3, 100 Carillon Ave (cnr Missenden Rd), NEWTOWN NSW 2042
PENNANT HILLS - Suite 1b, Upstairs at 5 Hillcrest Rd, Pennant Hills, NSW 2120
SOUTHERN ENDOCRINE - Suite 1, 674-678 Old Princes Hwy, SUTHERLAND NSW 2232
Contact Linda by phone or email or use the Enquiry form here to arrange a face to face, Skype or phone consultation.
Skype and Phone consultations are available with flexible appointment times.
Please note that Medicare does not currently reimburse for Skype or phone consultations with psychologists.

What to expect at a first visit

Your initial consultation is usually 60 minutes - during this time we gain a detailed understanding of you and your needs & start to formulate a plan. Follow-up appointments are usually 55 minutes, though longer and shorter consultations are available. For example, 90-minute consultations may be helpfull for people who are travelling greater distances and have less frequent visits. Shorter consultations of 30 minutes are suitable for people who need more frequent and shorter follow-up, for example for behavior change interventions.
Privacy, ethics & confidentiality are very important. Your personal details will be kept confidential and your information is stored securely.
There are a few exceptions to confidentiality - where the patient is in significant danger of self-harming or harming others or where files have been subpoenaed for legal reasons. Click HERE for more detailed information on confidentiality and related issues.
Dr Beeney usually runs on time or near-to-time, however if she is running late you will not be disadvantaged and will still receive your full appointment time.