Fees and Rebates


Medical Psychology Services fees vary according to the service required – please email or phone for more details. Consultation fees are lower than the recommended rates set by the Australian Psychological Society, which is $238 per hour (as at 1/7/15). Please note that Medical Psychology Services does not provide a bulk-billing service. 
Fees are payable at the time of consultation if paying by cash or cheque. Fees are payable prior to the consultation for phone or Skype sessions, or if paying by electronic transfer.
Initial sessions are usually 60 - 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are typically 50 - 60 minutes, however longer or shorter sessions are available to cater for different needs. 
Accepted forms of payment are cash, cheque or electronic transfer (if paid prior to the session). 

Cancellation Fees

A cancellation fee will be charged if you give less than 48 hours notice of cancellation. Practice expenses need to be covered and your appointment could be allocated to another patient if you give enough notice.
Cancellation Fees are NOT claimable from Medicare or Private Health Insurance. 

Medicare Rebates


Medicare covers approximately $85 per one-hour session for a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year if you have a referral from your General Practitioner (a Mental Health Care Plan). Click here for more details. Please note that not everyone is eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan – please discuss your eligibility with your General Practitioner. 
For patients with chronic or complex health conditions, Medicare covers $50 per session for a maximum of 5 sessions per calendar year if your GP chooses to refer you under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Click here for more details.
The gap you pay contributes to the Medicare Safety Net, so once you reach the safety net in a calendar year, you will receive an additional rebate of approximately 80% of the gap per session.

Private Health Fund Rebates


Many private health funds offer rebates for psychology services. Please check with your own health fund to check if you are able to claim for psychological services.

Please note – you are unable to claim against BOTH Medicare and Private Health Funds for the same consultation.